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How can I prepare for an acupuncture session?

At Orlando Holistic Acupuncture we provide a very relaxing and loving environment for our clients to feel comfortable in their healing process. Your first visit will include an exam, an assessment of the clients’ condition, treatment, along with advice of self care. Visits may range from one to multiple sessions. Before you come for your acupuncture visit:
• Bring a list of all medications and supplements you are taking
• Wear loose, comfortable clothing
• Have a light meal or snack before visit (heavy meals can cause nausea,
   an empty stomach can cause dizziness)
• Do not take pain medicine, eat large meals, or drink alcohol for at least 2      
   hours prior to your acupuncture treatment
• No coffee/caffeine 6 hours prior to your acupuncture session
• No makeup or perfume
• Drink plenty of water the day of your acupuncture treatment