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Acupoint Injection Therapy with Ozone Sterilization

This modality will enable a more powerful healing in anyone suffering from pain.  Rapidly eliminate their pain and stimulate cartilage to regrow. 

Results have been proven internationally in Europe, China, Canada, Indonesia, Cuba and many more countries, for the past 60 years.


Special Promotion B12 Complex Injection shots

B12 Methylcobalamin is the most pure, natural and preservative-free form of B12. Injections are administered to maintain healthy nervous system function, weight loss, increase red blood cell production, increase energy levels and promote production of good DNA.

Boost your metabolism by B-Complex Injection shots (B12 + B6).

Now get 4 shots of B-Complex for only $100 (value of $140).

Or 8 shots of B-complex for only $160 (value of $280).

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Cupping therapy now available at Acupuncture Orlando

Cupping Therapy Available - Call 407-683-3995 — at Orlando Holistic Acupuncture, LLC. - What is Cupping Therapy? Click here to read more about Cupping Therapy. Then schedule your appointment with Acupuncture in Orlando Jingesh Panchal 407-683-3995.